Interior Design Services

Space Planning

We incorporate the client’s current programming requirements and future growth needs within the building environment, to create efficient and inspiring layouts that maximize the space and create a natural flow.

Design Concept and Development

We listen to our Client’s story and honor their brand identity, to develop a design that celebrates our Client’s business. The mission is to create a space that radiates the Client’s personality and business, for all who will experience the space.

Interior Finishes Package

We select interior finishes and materials from appliances, equipment, flooring, wall surfaces, ceiling surfaces, cabinetry, doors, windows, hardware, plumbing, lighting, and more.

Construction Documents

We produce comprehensive and detailed construction documents and specifications to ensure the contractor has all needed information for accurate bidding and construction. Documents follow international and local building codes.

Permit Documents and Submittals

We provide permit documents to be submitted to the local jurisdiction for permit approval and issuance.

Construction Administration

We oversee the construction process to provide clear communication with the contractor to ensure the Client’s approved designs are followed and all questions during construction are addressed. Designer will perform on-site inspections.

Furniture, Artwork & Accessories

We select furniture, artwork and accessories, to provide the finishing touches for the space. We have access to discounted commercial and residential products. We coordinate dealer bidding and oversee the delivery and move-in process, as needed.